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Skype Travel Mouse

If you’re a heavy Skype user this travel mouse will slightly reduce the number of laptop accessories you have to carry while away from home. It’s a pretty basic 800dpi optical mouse, with two buttons and a scroll wheel but it’s the Skype features that set it apart.

The Skype Travel Mouse takes after a slider design, opening up to reveal a numeric keypad underneath. Features include a speakerphone while the top of the mouse boasts a backlit LCD display that shows essential information such as contact details, time, and various bits from the chat program. Heck, if you are as poor as a church mouse, you can always save some money on speakers by turning this 800dpi mouse into one but the 1.5 watts of power surely won't give you any satisfaction at all. For $24.13.

You can find the Skype Travel Mouse at for $34.69.

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Wooden Body Messager

This beaded body massager soothes tired, achy muscles. Vigorously roll the wooden beads all over your body to stimulate circulation for a radiant glow and soothing relief.

It’s an inexpensive home massage tool that will last a while and does not take up much room. $4.69 makes it an affordable, chemical-free remedy for aches and pains.

VIA [ GadgetsAlerts ]

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Eye Massager to Help Your Eyes Relax

Most of us have experienced hours of work or playing on our computers and during that time the Eyes get really tired. The doctors say that every once in a while you would look away from your monitor and let your eyes relax. If you want to do something bigger just use the USB Eye Massager gadget.

It works real simple just plug it in and it is ready for use. It has a switch on the side that can go in to Stop, High Speed and Low Speed. So if you have tired eyes maybe have a look at the website of Sundayo for more info.

This is the USB Eye Massager product used for the computer operator,who could relax the eye pressure becasue of long time sitting before the computer.It is smartly-designed with four colors.Red,Green,Blue and Yellow The usuage for this product is very simple,You only need to plug into the USB Port and this product will work automatically.It has the three switches beside the USB Eye Massager,"Stop" "High Speed" "Low Speed".The use could select the different switch according..

[ USB Eye Massager VIA BBG VIA FoolishGadgets ]

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Funny Jammed-Fingers Vehicle Door Guard

At first sight it is four fingers caught in the car door. Ouch! A closer look reveals a car door guard for good citizens. It guards against your slamming your car door against the car next to you while trying to get out.

It really provides more protection for others than it does your own car. At $3.69 a piece on, this product is for the fun-loving, practical and altruistic motorist on a budget.

[ VIA NerdApproved VIA GadgetAlerts ]

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PC Media Centre Slim USB Remote Control

Your PC is now quite a media center. The only thing standing between you and your very own pleasure palace is this PC Media Center Slim USB Remote Control.

Take control of all your computer media: photos, movies, music, etc. Switch freely between TV, Radio, Movie, Photo or Video Mode. The remote has a working distance of 8 meters. It emulates keys on your keyboard like alt+shift+x so it won’t interfere with your normal computer functions. It’s Compatible with Windows 2000 / ME / XP / Vista and powered by 1CR2025 button cell. The selling price is only $9.69 dollars. Cool huh!


* USB Computer PC Remote Controller for Winkara-2008 Media Center Control
* Plug and play - no driver or software required to operate Wireless mouse functions
* The included IR receiver works with both USB 1.1/2.0 Specification.
* Watch movies and view photos without having to touch your mouse or keyboard
* Perfect to watch movies on laptops or Desktops will control your DVD software and PC
* you can enjoy to control your PC media software far away the keyboard and mouse.
* With 43 functions key: include Mute, Live TV, Guide, Power, Rewind, Recorded TV, Back, Volume up/down, Enter, ESC.
* Media Center Controller supports Microsoft Media Center
* Supports Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista;
* This Computer Remote Controller is a non-OEM product.
* Powered by: 1 x Lithium Cell CR2025 3V;
* Color: as photo shown
* Size of remote controller: L125 x W55 x H6mm
* Length of retractable USB receiver cable: 72cm
* Weight: 90g

Package contents:

* 1 x Winkara-2008 Remote Controller
* 1 x IR receiver

[ Product Page ]

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Acorn MP3 Player Might be Nuts

The Acorn MP3 Player is a tiny wooden music playing gadget in the shape of a squirrels favorite snack- the acorn. The “stem” on top is actually a four way switch for controlling the player.

It comes with 1GB of storage and plays MP3, WMA and OGG files, and measures 28mm in diameter and is 35mm tall. No word on pricing or availability as yet.


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Light up Your Parties with LED Lit Ice Buckets

Would you like to dress up your kitchen or jazz up your dining table? Own a restaurant and want to really make your bar area stand out? Well here is the answer, the multi-color LED ice bucket.

It provides up to 25,000 hours of light and comes at a price of $67.69. Using the included remote control you can set not only the color tone, but also the brightness and the speed of changing. More than that, the gadget powers either via battery for up to 5 hours of continuous operation, or via the power adapter.

[ Via Walyou ]

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